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Things Not to Put in a Truck While Shifting Home

Things Not to Put in a Truck While Shifting Home

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Relocating to a fresh abode can be a thrilling yet nerve-wracking journey. To ensure a smooth relocation, it’s crucial to pack and load your belongings properly, especially when using a truck for transportation. While throwing everything into the car might be tempting, certain items should never be packed for safety, legal, or practical reasons.

This article will discuss what you should avoid putting in a truck while shifting home.

Perishable Foods and Beverages

Avoid packing perishable foods and beverages when shifting home. These items are likely to spoil during transportation. They can attract pests and insects, creating unpleasant and unhygienic situations.

Hazardous Materials and Chemicals

Hazardous materials, such as paint, pesticides, fertilizers, and cleaning chemicals, pose a risk to the movers and your belongings. These substances can leak, spill, or even react with other items in the truck, causing damage and potential harm.

Valuables and Important Documents

Keep your valuable items, such as jewellery, cash, and essential documents like passports and legal papers, with you during the move. These items are difficult to replace, and losing them during transportation can lead to significant stress and inconvenience.

Valuables and Important Documents

Plants and Pets

Plants and pets require specific care during a move. Most moving companies have restrictions on transporting plants, and pets can become anxious or distressed during transportation. It’s best to make separate arrangements for their safe relocation.

Plants and Pets

Cash and Jewelry

Among the belongings that should never find their way into the back of a moving truck are cash and jewellery. These precious possessions are highly susceptible to theft or loss during transit. Placing them in a truck, where their security might be compromised, can lead to irreparable financial and emotional consequences. It is prudent to keep cash and jewellery close at hand, preferably with oneself, to ensure the utmost safety and peace of mind during the moving process.

Cash and Jewelry

Explosives, Ammunition, and Firearms

Following the law and avoiding packing explosives, ammunition, or firearms in the moving truck is essential. These items can cause severe accidents and legal consequences if mishandled.

Flammable and Combustible Items

Flammable and combustible materials like gasoline, propane tanks, and kerosene should not be transported in the truck. These items can be hazardous, especially in a confined space like a moving truck.

Electronics and Fragile Items

Electronics and fragile items should be handled with care during a move. They are susceptible to damage from bumps and vibrations during transportation. It’s recommended to pack them securely and cushion them adequately.

Electronics and Fragile Items

Medications and Medical Equipment

Medications and medical equipment should be kept with you during the move. Extreme temperatures or rough handling in the truck can affect the efficacy of medicines, and you don’t want to risk any health issues during your relocation.

Cleaning Supplies and Toiletries

While cleaning supplies and toiletries seem harmless, they can leak and spill during transit, causing damage to other items. Ensure they are tightly sealed and packed separately to avoid any accidents.

Cleaning Supplies and Toiletries

Gasoline and Propane Tanks

Gasoline and propane tanks are flammable and should never be packed in a moving truck. They are dangerous and can lead to catastrophic incidents if exposed to heat or pressure.

Large Furniture and Appliances

While it might be tempting to pack all your furniture and appliances into the truck, it’s essential to consider the available space and weight limits. Overloading the car can lead to damage and accidents on the road.

Large Furniture and Appliances

Sharp Objects and Tools

Sharp objects and tools should be securely packed and properly labelled to avoid injuries during loading and unloading. Keep them away from other belongings to prevent any accidents.

Wet or Damp Items

Avoid packing wet or damp items, as they can cause mold and mildew to spread to other belongings in the truck. Make sure everything is dry before loading it into the car.

Prohibited Items by Law

Certain items, such as illegal substances or weapons, are strictly prohibited by law to be transported in a moving truck. Violating these regulations can lead to severe legal consequences.

Uninsured Items

Avoid transporting valuable items that are not covered by moving insurance. If anything were to happen to these uninsured items during the move, you would not be compensated for the loss.

Unlabeled or Improperly Packed Boxes

Properly label all your boxes to avoid confusion during unpacking. Unlabeled or improperly packed boxes can lead to frustration and disorganization at your new home.

Personal or Sentimental Items

Keep your personal or sentimental items with you during the move. These items hold significant emotional value and should be handled with care.

Personal or Sentimental Items


When shifting home, it’s crucial to pack your belongings carefully and responsibly. Certain items should never be put in a truck for safety, legal, or practical reasons. You can ensure a smooth, stress-free relocation by following proper packing guidelines and avoiding these items.

A “man and van” service, popularly known in the UK, refers to a convenient and practical solution for moving goods or belongings from one location to another. This service is commonly employed for small-scale moves, furniture deliveries, or transportation of goods from stores. The “man and van” service offers flexibility and affordability, making it an attractive option for individuals or businesses that do not require the resources of a full-scale removal company.


Can I transport my houseplants in the moving truck? 

It’s best to make separate arrangements for transporting houseplants, as many moving companies have restrictions on carrying plants.

Is it safe to pack electronics in the moving truck? 

You can pack electronics in the moving truck, but secure them properly to avoid damage.

What not to put on a moving truck?

Hazardous materials, perishable items, valuable documents, and personal belongings that you want to keep with you should not go on a moving truck.

What not to pack in moving boxes?

Avoid packing hazardous substances, flammable materials, perishable foods, valuable jewelry, important documents, and sentimental items in moving boxes.

What can you put in a moving truck?

You can put furniture, household items, appliances, clothing, books, non-perishable pantry items, and other non-hazardous belongings in a moving truck.

What should you not do with movers?

Do not leave them unattended, handle hazardous materials, overload boxes or furniture, or forget to communicate specific instructions and requirements to the movers.